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The Garden Cabin

Take one step further toward privacy and into nature by booking the Garden Cabin. This quaint and rustic A-frame cabin is surrounded by wilderness on one side and a summertime profusion of flowers on the other side, including three enormous rhododendrons that stand at over 15 feet.

Who will love the Garden Cabin?
• fans of nature and/or flowers
• people who want to “get away from it all”
• couples taking a romantic getaway
• writers or artists
• people with a sense of adventure

The cabin and its deck are in their own private area just down the rock bluff and separate from the main house. You can relax in the clawfoot bathtub, fully plumbed with hot and cold water, and enjoy the stars and the fragrance of the flowers while you soak.

The Garden Cabin is a dream come true if you’re seeking seclusion and independence. Garden Cabin guests take care of their own food and meals and do not need to feel obliged to mingle or dine with their hostess.

The Garden Cabin:
• sleeps 2 in a sleeping loft
• free Wi-Fi connection
• a woodstove for chilly nights
• a kitchen for self-prepared meals
• an outhouse only
• a separate shower space
• no cell phone coverage which might be exactly what you want!

Please note: Barbara recommends this cabin only for those who relish a simple and rustic retreat. Check with her if you are uncertain about whether it will suit your needs and abilities.

Minimum stay: 4 nights at $75 per night
Deposit: $75 in advance to hold the reservation
Cancellation: Deposit is forfeited on cancellations made 2 weeks or less prior to arrival.