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Welcome to Barbara's B&B

Directions to Barbara’s B&B on Cortes Island.

Directions from the Ferry: Follow the traffic up the hill as you disembark the ferry. Less than one minute up the hill, look for the Ravishing Rugs sign on the left. Turn up the driveway and come slowly all the way to the top, and turn left into Barbara’s B&B. (Click here for a map, Barbara’s B&B is #14 on the map.)

While at Barbara’s B&B visit her showroom of Ravishing Rugs. A connoisseur of the intangible beauty that strikes at your heart strings, Barbara travels the world sourcing only the finest. These rugs are quite literally Floor Decor.

These exclusive multi-generational masterpieces are destined to be cherished by lovers of art and their loved ones who follow. With these magnificent rugs, art and dreams come together in your home or place of business.

Barbara’s Bed &Breakfast is listed on B&B Canada

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Other Island B&B’s
I stayed in this beautiful B&B just outside of Hana, Maui, what is commonly referred to as the “rainy” side of the island.  Coming from Cortes Island myself, I found the area lush and green, untouched by developers, very quiet and rural.  Sybil’s (the owner) Hanapapalani offers superb accommodation right across the road from the famed Venus Pool.  I highly recommend it.